Clean Power Resources, Inc.

A leader in eco-friendly thermal reduction applications

Clean Power Resources blends a unique combination of over 35 years of experience in mobile temperature control and the specific thermal reduction requirements of today's complex computer circuitry for both manned and unmanned vehicles. CPR creates state of the art air conditioning, heating, air purification and humidity control solutions.

CPR is a leader in diesel to natural gas conversions for transport refrigeration. Natural gas conversions decrease fuel costs while reducing pollution and is a perfect fit for equipment that has convenient access to natural gas fueling stations.

Clean Power Resources has worked with PSU ARL to develop a new technology for Thermal Energy Recovery with applications for engine and industrial waste-heat, and in renewable energy applications such as solar-thermal and biomass methane power generation.  

CPR has also worked with or has ongoing projects with the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Pennsylvania State University's Applied Research Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University, the National Robotics Research Engineering Center and Los Alamos National Laboratory.


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